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Fayendra guarantees that all products of the Fayendra brand are made of pure 925 silver for the silver products or stainless steel 316 for stainless steel products (such as watches), and that the stones set are either gemstones, natural stones or valuable stones. Fayendra guarantees not to use glass or crystal in the stones set in its products. Fayendra guarantees that its products are free from manufacturing defects if found.

Warranty Period : Three Years

What the warranty covers:

- Silver is pure 925 for silver products or stainless steel is 316 for stainless steel products (such as watches).

- The embedded stones are of value, not glass or crystal.

- All manufacturing defects and not the use or the normal wear and tear resulting from use, failure to follow product care advice or attempting to repair outside Fayendra workshops.

The warranty does not cover:

- Damage to products due to accidents or misuse.

- Damage to products due to modification or attempt to repair.

- Damage to products due to negligence after purchase or due to the normal wear and tear that results from use.

- Damage to products as a result of not following the product care instructions. Please note that the rhodium, gold, and rose gold plating is normal to disappear over time, so please note that the       Vendra warranty does not include that.

Claims covered by the warranty:

- In case that the silver caliber 925 for silver products or stainless steel is less than 316 for stainless steel products (such as watches).

- In case that the stones are set with glass, plastic, or crystal, or they are not of value.

- In case of stones falling due to improper installation before the customer use (any defects in the manufacture of the product and not as a result of use).

In case that one of the mentioned defects is available:

-Replace the product with a piece of similar value or a piece of higher value and the customer pays the difference.

 How to claim warranty:

- We kindly ask you to visit one of our showrooms to replace the defected product.

- Please kindly, keep the invoice and the certificate of guarantee in case of claiming the warranty.

Who the warranty includes:

- The guarantee includes the original buyer of the product labeled the brand Fayendra and to the subsequent owners of the product during the warranty period. The purchase receipt and the warranty card are considered evidence of the purchase of the product. The owners of Fayendra products must maintain the receipt and the certificate of warranty in case of a claim under this guarantee.

We look forward to serving you as you like, so we hope to provide us with a clear and correct address to ensure prompt delivery. The address must include the building number in addition to the street, neighborhood, and city name, and the correct phone number and name of the person concerned should be noted. Before submitting your application, you must confirm the specifications of your application very carefully and agree to abide by the terms of use of the site.
We review and ship orders through the "Home Delivery" service daily except for Fridays, public holidays, holidays and events, and deliver them within 3-7 working days * from the date the order payment is confirmed.

Also, please note that orders cannot be processed by our delivery partner on public holidays, so these days are not counted as business days.

The "home delivery" service is a "door to door" service in most cases, but we apologize for not implementing this service in some cases due to the limited delivery company in some villages and  some remote areas or the lack of clarity of the address.

In case we are provided with an incorrect address, or if a change of address is requested after shipment, the customer will afford a fee of 25 riyals for the change of address.

If the shipment is refused by the customer, then the 50 riyal fee for shipping and return is deducted, and then the rest of the amount is returned after we receive the shipment.

Delivery Charge :

Inside Saudi Arabia: In case that the order is less than 200 S.R, an amount of 25 S.R is paid for the delivery fee, but in case that it is more than that, the shipping and delivery are free.

Gulf Countries: In case that the order is less than 500 S.R, an amount of 50 S.R is paid for the delivery fee, but in case that it is more than that, the shipping and delivery are free.

Other countries mentioned: In case that the order is less than 1000 S.R, an amount of 75 Saudi riyals (20 dollars) will be paid for delivery, but in case it is more than that, the shipping and delivery will be free.


The tracking link for your order will be sent within 24 hours of the order.

How to track your order:

Once your order is out of Fayendra, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for that.

The shipping partner handles the delivery of all shipments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all the mentioned countries. The shipping company will then send an SMS and contact you to deliver the order.

We are always keen on the satisfaction of our customers and their shopping with confidence and reassurance, where you can return or exchange the products purchased by visiting one of the Fayendra showrooms in KSA or following the return process online, considering the following terms and conditions: -

• Returns for products purchased through the online store must be requested within a maximum of 7 days from the date you receive the product.

• Purchases to be retrieved are required to be in good condition and not used or barcode removed and in the same original condition upon receipt and no returns will be accepted if the product has been used or the barcode has been removed.

• The attachments obtained with the product upon purchase are required to be returned in their original packaging and in their original condition when desiring to be returned.

• It is necessary to attach the original invoice or proof of valid purchase.

• For health reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges of earrings, watches, event and evening sets.

• Specially manufactured products cannot be exchanged or returned to the customer.

• Returns of defective products are limited to defects that do not result from accidents, misuse, alteration, attempt to repair or neglect after purchase, normal wear and tear, and / or failure to follow product care advice.

• If we receive defective products out of our return policy, we will return the product to you.

• Please send all products you wish to return from order in the same shipment for fast processing of the return process.

• The customer will bear all shipping costs incurred for replacement and return of 50 S.R, but in case of recovery through the showroom, 25 S.R are charged for shipping charges, and in case of replacement through the showroom no fees are deducted.

• In case of a return and after receiving and verifying the recovered product, if the payment process is via a mada card or credit card, the amount will be refunded after deducting the shipping fee if it is found on the same account that did the purchase and the time of recovery will be according to the bank to which the account is affiliated.

Delivery fees are not refundable.

• If you receive the product (s) as a gift, the amount paid will be returned to the customer who made the purchase.

• International requests sent outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not exchangeable or refundable unless they are defective.

• Gift coupons are not exchangeable or refundable.

• A request for a replacement or return is submitted via email to onlinesales@fayendra.com stating the order number or invoice with the description of the product or products desired to be returned and we will contact you within 48 hours of receiving the email to arrange the replacement or return process.

• Our team is available to serve you from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm, except for official holidays in the Kingdom.